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#219694 - I hold her head and kept t pushing my cock into her mouth while she continued sucking it, I asked her to take off her hand and she did and I began to fuck her mouth, after a few blows in mouth then I began to push my cock little bit in to her throat, but the she choked on my cock for at least 10- 15 times, then I reduced my ramming speed kept slowly inserting it down her throat and taking it out slowly this went on for a moment or two and I began to increase my speed , in no time her gag reflex got adjusted then I kept fucking her throat very fast and hardly that my cock and her face was full of spit (saliva). I made her to sleep her on the bed and started kissing and licking her whole face and next started kissing her neck she got to much excited and got a hold on my cock, then after I moved to kiss her stomach and the thighs then again I started licking her whole body . Later in the event she and I met through one of my classmate she called us together her name is swetha , sh

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