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#8318 - . it’s in here i lead you into my room well there it is fucinhigh08: i go over and take measurements well good i got the right window i tend to fuck up a lot i say laughing fucinhigh08: i look around seeing thongs and boy shorts on the floor yankees2girl: i laugh and as i see you looking i tell you to not mind the mess fucinhigh08: “oh i don’t” i say smiling not at all i’ll be right back with the window i say smiling as i walk out your room yankees2girl: i say “ok” and smile watching you leave, i start picking up my underwear, bending over and crouching down fucinhigh08: i watch your ass as you bend over as i walk out the room and let out a little moan mmm i say walking towards the front door and grabbing the window from the truck yankees2girl: i grin feeling your presence still behind me. i put my thongs in the hamper and busy myself with something in my dresser waiting for you to come back fucinhigh08: i walk in with the window noticing you haven’t g

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