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#340079 - About half an hour later Jerry storms back into the barn, Ok you two, Stacey you have to plan a meal for about 60 people and you slave have an appointment with me, Move it now! he said looking up at them as they move out of the tank cursing him under their breath Jerry takes a hose and starts washing Jessica down, hands in the air and spread them legs wide meat he said as he spays every inch of her body with the hose watching her hair being washed away with the foul smelling liquid. Looking up in to her eye's with a sly smile You made a big mistake pissing me off that night we met, my wrist still hurts from where you grabbed me, HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME, YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THEN MEAT, YET YOU DARED TO GRAB ME he yelled moving closer to her she was trembling under his voice, I decide there and then I could use the extra high quality meat you beautiful body would provide, so now guess what you were meat all the time and didn’t even realize it, Jessica only agreed to be spit

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Absolute perfection the load dripping from her wet mouth is outstanding and has me begging for more her passion for pleasing her man is over the top