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#236153 - I start to shake my head “no, please no more, let me go, I can’t take anymore, please, I will leave you alone, I won’t tell anyone what occurred here, I promise you” but he just smiled that smile. He pulls his cock out and buries 3 fingers in my ass, I scream in my gag again, noooooooo, he’s can’t do that, he just can’t, then he slips in a 4th and finally his thumb, all 5 fingers buried in the opening of my ass, I’m in so much pain now, I can’t breath, can’t move, I feel like this is happening to someone else, he keeps pushing it in my ass deeper and again he is finally wrist deep in my ass but to my amazement he is getting deeper in my ass, it’s now past his wrist and I am in complete shock, he pulls out and then rams the whole thing all the way back in again, my asshole must be a gapping hole now. He then slips a finger inside me, ahhhhhhh it felt so amazing, he buries another finger inside me and I start pushing down on them, I just want to fuck his fingers, they feel amazin

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Komugi nakahara
Wow it s amazing
Renne bright | renne hayworth
I legit know this girl wtf what a world lol