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#339793 - But she could? Couldn’t she? During her lunch break at work she felt all the feelings she’d had in her come to a point, bored at her desk her mind full of thoughts of satisfying her husband something inside her gave way, she wasn’t upset, in fact she found she was actually excited, looking forward to what was to come, an elation spreading through her that left her suddenly looking forward to the experience Aludiana had tempted her with. She frowned a little, trying to think about what it could be referring to, sorting through her memories of the night before, then she blinked, realisation hitting her. After another few gruelling moments of him choking on her cock, she withdrew with a delighted moan, grinning as he coughed a few times, looking up at her with a cute expression, love and lust like Naira seldom got to experience with her beloved husband.

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