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#353608 - Trevor also wanted to fuck her, but said his cock was to soft to get in her butt, so I grabbed it and pushed it in her, leaving my fingers in her with him, as he slowly worked himself hard again, Mike was behind me again his cock slipped in me, forcing me to bend over, my face on Gingers boobs, I sucked hard, I pulled up moving around so I could get behind Trevor, slipping one, two then three fingers in his butt, I knew by his movements his cock was now rock hard again, I grabbed the lube, Mike was still fucking my butt, Trevor groaned as my thumb went in too, I was so close, his voice said no, but his cock said yes, as he went forward I moved in and as he pulled back I rammed home, my hand going right in him, he nearly blew right there and then, but I think his heart missing a beat stopped him as he came back onto the ground, I held still letting him get used to it, Mikes eyes wide now, Trevor began to move again slowly fucking Ginger, I played with him, my fingers finding hi

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