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#357385 - Webster began kneading and touching her breasts, she began to relax a little as her nervousness began to wane!!! You're a lucky girl, the doctor said absentmindedly as he carefully checked each boob and nipple, you have very pretty breasts, but they're not so big that later on in life they would start to sag!!! Mmmmmm, he hummed, another good sign, you have an extremely sensitive nipple response, good, they check out a-o-k!!! Take a break for a minute, Melinda, he said easily, I want to get all this down before we go any further, as he sat down and began entering more data!!! Just then Nurse Owens entered the room and offered, So, how's it going!?! Uh, pretty good, Melinda replied!!! We're just about ready for the pelvic, the doctor said to the nurse, can you get her ready!?! Nurse Owens had Melinda spread her legs and place her heels into the stirrups at the corners of the table! Already, doctor, she said, while rubbing Melinda's arm

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