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#74410 - “This is the team Kay, Leon, Rufus and last but not least me off cause Tony. Kay had a very hot body but the problem is that she’s as dyke as they get and looking at her in a feminine way was kind of weird, she had all the right resources in all the right places and I noticed that Leon was trying so hard to hide his hard-on with a hand in his pants pockets and he was trying so hard not to stare at the two women. WORKING SO HARD HAS NEVER BEEN SO REWARDING, IF ALL JOBS COULD HAVE SO MUCH BENEFITS I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE AT HOME “Ladies and gentlemen we have a new member in our team, her name Is Lolly and she will be joining the operations team, you are free to welcome her now cause after this its straight to work and you all know that we are facing a lot of challenges” That’s Thorne the regional manager he is such an arse.

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Shouichi kamita
He ass is amazing
Asuka tanaka
Amazing body great fucking