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#180484 - He starts to hunch back at me, so I push in further, stroking my way in deeper each stroke, until I reach the base of my cock against his brown, spread lips and my pubes and his twisting and brushing each other. I slid up and down his slick pole, my prostate is going nuts, my nuts are tight and so are his, I feel his cock swell, and get even hotter if possible, and he begins to throb, the thick creamy cum I have been waiting for erupts from his pee hole, flooding my ass, fuck!!!ing me, filling me with his white spunk:)- His throbbing cock continued to pump about 8 times, and me, I came so fucking hard I shot cum over my head, twice on his and my chin and face. I went back to sucking him, this time swallowing his soft length all the way down my throat, and back.

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