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#364759 - The waitress nodded and made a note on her pad before turning, stopped by Lacy’s almost timid voice, “U-umm…” The waitress turned back and raised an eyebrow, smiling professionally, “Yes?” Lacy swallowed and blushed, glancing between Gia and the busty brown haired waitress before speaking, “Could… Could you use your own… You know. Darker persuasion?” Layla looked towards the now crimson Lacy and smirked knowingly, not so delicate in her wording, “Mm… You want to suck my black cock and drink my thick load, Lacy?” Lacy could feel her heart hammering in her chest and she blinked from Layla to Gia, her eyes wide and uncertain. “Mm, that’d be a good way to start a little family feud…” Lacy dodged nimbly.

Read Chilena Fate/Gentle Order 3 "lily" - Fate grand order Wild Fate/Gentle Order 3 "lily"

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Amazing body sweetie you are so hot