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#95958 - On there way up the elevator to the fifteenth floor Brenda offered, I really appreciate this, I don't know what I would have done with the whole city filled up with conventioneers! No problem at all, the middle aged woman replied, I just hope that if I was ever in your predicament that someone would do the same for me, by the way my name's Amanda, Amanda Cross! Brenda reached out to shake Amanda's extended hand and replied, Brenda Olsen, oh good, here's our floor. I always stay at the Elsinore, Brenda replied, the service is always top notch, that is until today! The two of them laughed for a moment before Amanda asked, Do you mind if I take a shower, it was a long flight and I feel pretty grungy? Not at all, Brenda replied, you go right ahead while I unpack.

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