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#286320 - Then he did it, he shoved his dick forcefully and painfully down my throat; shoving my whole face into his crotch, suffocating me. So with his cock still in his shorts, with my hands wrapped around his hard base, with the rest of his dick in my mouth; I was sucking his dick as hard as I could through his shorts and as I did so he sucked in air between his teeth taken aback at my actions. I started to moan, “oh, oh, oh, oh fuck Jose, fuck me, fuck my asshole, fuck I love your dick so much Jose! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh shit fuck me!” He started gasping back, “Yeah, you like that shit don’t you, huh? you like my dick up your ass, huh? You’re my fucking bitch aren’t you slut? “Yes Jose, fuck yes I’m your bitch and your slut.

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Who is she
Look at her face when they big cock first goes in her
Rin yamabuki
I can imagine how warm she is inside