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#36438 - Anna’s urgent fingers led my fingers to the fastenings of her blouse as our imperative touch dared to bare her most secret treasures, drawing my hands back from their mission to the backs of her thighs I lifted them defining and highlighting her vulva, the division of her nether portal and the labial shutters of ecstasy. A light toned Cuban-Black mulatto, a really pretty young woman with all the best features of both races, so I thought that a very much older Caucasian wouldn’t even rate consideration. She stood, rubbing the sensitive corona through the soft, bristly black forest crowning the hill of her mound till the head found the wet readiness of her openness, a knee on either side of me as she perched edgily on the desk, I supported her as she turned the burgeoning shaft into her burning tightness, her lubricity assisting the efforts of her rosy crucifixion, carrying her to the small divan in the office I reinserted my pendulously erect penis into heaven, now it was Anna’s turn

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