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#316559 - When i was married we had all kinds of fun swinging,threesomes,and I started setting her up for gang bangs and sharing for BBCs to fucker her. I was gaspping,moaning out loudly from pain that filled my body taking it almost passing out while he started working it in and out pushing it deeper n deeper till I felt his balls touching my ass! I never felt anything like the hot flash of pure pleasure making me shake uncontrollably in bliss knowing I HAD ALL OF HIM INSIDE OF ME! He laughed at me saying I was his now,I could barely answer him but I said that I was his bitch now whenever he wanted! He slowly started working it in n out of me,getting faster n harder giving me his BBC till I was sayingFUCK ME YES FUCK MEover and over again loving every inch of him inside me! He came deep inside of me and laid on top of me till I felt his BBC slip out of me! He fucked me a few more times that night and yes he still comes by whenever he wants to now! Cause yes I'm his bitch and I love it! I

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Iria fukumune
Fucking the wife after another guy cums in her is the hottest sex you could have with a wife
Wang liu mei
Brawa dla pana t umacza
Taeko adachi
Still more realistic than getting stuck in a dryer
Maron kusakabe
Imagine ur daughter being here
The way she put her hands on her back and shoulders made me horny from the very beginning