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#8072 - my first time with sam was great, they were both so damn cute i couldnt wait to see him naked, sam who i called sammy was 4 years old. he coughed but swallowed every bit except for the little bit running down his face, one night i had sammy and little nick naked giving them a bath, i played with sammys little cock till he got hard then i had my son nick on his hands and knees and i helped sammy push his little pecker into his brothers bum hole and watching them made he hard and after sammy tensed up as he orgasmed i blew my load all over both boys in the tub, then i cleaned them both up and got them out of the bath tub and we sat in the living room on the couch and watched tv till it was bed time. it started out as just playing with sammy in his room, we were on the floor and he showed me some of his toys, after awhile he said he had to go potty so i waited till i heard him call my name, he couldnt get his pants unbuttoned and asked me to help him, i agreed and unbuttonned his pants

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Juri saijo
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Lucky chloe
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