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#240441 - Laura was a little heavier, however as a result she had perfect 32D tits, her ass was obviously, a bit bigger than amy's but she compensated by wearing tight fitting clothes that outlined her body perfectly, she had a cute face and a smile that could leave you staring off into space, however, she was a little shy and she very rarely smiled, it seemed she only smiled for her mom and me, leaving me to think that she had a bit of a crush on me, Im pretty outgoing, had a few girlfriends, even got a blowjob off one a couple of times, however, no actual vaginal sex. After about 2 cans i decided that i wanted out of my suit and dragged my dizzy body to the toilet, i stripped down to my boxers, it was then that my drunken mind remembered i had left my bag at laura's. The names are not.

Read Reverse Kyouki no Oukoku Ichi no Shou - Original Rubbing Kyouki no Oukoku Ichi no Shou

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