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#168133 - “oh god MANDY please,” I tried begging just as my writhing and spasming got stronger. Just as my finger finally reached my clit and I started to rub my pussy harder then I ever had before, I felt Mandy shove her two fingers into me, her right finger shot up my pussy, it felt like a small dick I rubbed my clit harder and tried forcing more of my boob into Mandys mouth. My nipple was quite hard at this stage an when she finally skimmed a finger over it I let out an involuntary gasp, it felt like a electric bolt a pleasure shot from my nipple straight to my brain and clitoris, I felt my clit suddenly get harder and my left leg shook a bit.

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Mutsuki asagi
Love this girls little tits total fap
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I like your nipples they are so pink