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#431411 - She is still dwelling on this feelings when she heard a hard sound outside it is sound of cobblers passing by, she broke the heels of her gucci heels when she went to a friends party last week, she takes a deep breath draw her gown down a little, she didn't see a reason to put on bra or pant since She is going to be back inside the house after dropping it for him to mend. She told them she want to repair her heels and ask the bill,she ask them to enter the parlour since she don't feel comfortable standing outside with the extremely short gown She is wearing, and since she still have to look for the shoe. she scream out as loud as She can and struggled, the two cobblers seem to feel they are in control they held her down, So couldn't move She start coming so hard so fast breathing heavy and have the feeling of being drain totally,she doesnt have to do the telling this is her best cuming ever, today can't get any better for her in the land of orgasm, this makes

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