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#73819 - Mel, I am going to take a shower as I have not done so yet and have a shave it will take me about thirty minutes, so if you want to go up stairs and have a little look at the film so you can see how much your mum likes it, do so, If you feel funny about watching us, then in the draw by the bed on the right are a few blue films that show men doing it to women. As I move towards Mel she reaches over and kisses me full on the lips, our mouths meet and she can now smell herself and taste what I have been drinking and licking for the last half an a hour or so. I look at my cock which is now rock hard I finish I put on a little after shave put the towel in the basket, still no sound I figure if I say anything I may just brake the spell so I turn out the light in the bathroom and walk in to the bed room.

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Akiko minase
Sexy mouth your so good