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#30294 - The following morning when the alcohol had worked its self off she was a little more pleasant and asked me to call in sick as she intended to do so that we could talk things through, I started into my pre arranged apology for the way that I had been treating her and told her that I accepted that it had been my fault and that I wanted to forgive her and put it all behind us, she was quiet throughout all that I said and after I finished she leaned forward kissed me and told me that she loved me and was pleased that I was not angry and putting the blame onto her but the shocked me by saying that now that she had cheated once and enjoyed it so much with a big cock, I had to accept that’s how it would be from now on, she had enjoyed being filled to overflowing and wanted it again and again and as I had given permission I just had to accept it or walk. Amanda had poured the drinks whiskey for me and Jerry and a large Baileys for herself “I need to steady my nerves she said this feels so st

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Mako someya
This hentai is really hot but simultaneously makes my heart really happy you two have such a beautiful connection
Sailor neptune
Agreed best blowjob ever filmed lol lol she is so amazing i wanna be as good as her some day
Yuichi haga
1234 1234 wtf hahaha