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#304868 - He whispered “like that mom?” Instinctively, I pushed my legs wider a part as if I was inviting his hand to do more over my pussy, In between my slutty, loud moans of pleasure, I managed to let out a whisper of “Yes” by then my son’s lips were totally glued to mines, he was giving me, the longest, most passionate lip to lip kiss I have ever had, same time, his hand was doing many things over my pussy, a couple of his fingers were sinking deep in my slit, while his index finger was already massaging my growing clit, I was so close to climax by then. My son was out with his friends attending a party at a farm owned by the father of one of his friends, it was getting late, he wasn’t answering his phone and I was worried about him, I could not sleep till I made sure he was ok, I was in my red nightie in my bedroom waiting for Billy when the doorbell rang. As of a sudden Billy looked me in the eyes saying “Mom, you are a very hot woman, you have a body to attract any man in the whole w

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