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#98054 - Ego-driven motivations aside, most erotica authors are more interested in the erotic portions of their stories. I’m glad you’re dedicating time to create, and to create what you enjoy. If you write long stories because you have a lot to say or like to embellish, that’s a good strategy.

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Neko musume
So romantic story two guys hidden in the forest ready to bang each other because there was no woman around and then a lovely lady with amazing hair and a golden shorts shows up asking them to go the beach the guys are happy because they are going to fuck something else except each others anus and they go to the beach which it on top of the mountain with great view in a place that if someone swims nobody will die the rest is story she is very beautiful
You guys have the most beautiful women and best hentais
Kana iwata
Someone can tell me who is the pornstar in my photo