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#351315 - Usually her decisions were much more cautious and thought-out, but she had been so swept up in him, the romance, the passion that she left everything she knew to create a life with him. His hands were shaking as he pulled the seatbelt across his chest—he wondered briefly if he should forego the safety measure in case he had to make a quick escape. “Move one of your hands down my stomach, linger at my hipbone, slide between my legs and find my clit.

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Issei matsukawa
Someone lose a watch
Rizel iwaki
That old fuck is kinda weird bc why do you just go into someones room without knocking because i knock on my daughters room before i go in but i accualy wait for her to say it is ok or i will just tell her me and her mom are going out but no this old fuck just walks in like bruh