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#149742 - I remember how you commanded them to do things to each other, perverted things, things that you knew I would not enjoy doing, but you wanted some slaves to entertain you in that fashion, so I have created some for you. This is better than a marriage, because when I obey you, the Collar gives me the warmest, most indescribably good feelings in the world! I would never trade places with anyone, except maybe Amber, because look how happy she is right now! I want that same freshly fucked look in my eyes, as soon as you can give it to me. He was just about one foot away, stroking himself with one fist.

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Yuichi haga
My ass is ready that looks too fun
Mitsuha miyamizu
Love your toes would love to suck on them
Seong mi-na
She drives me nuts
Damn would love to fuck her tight pussy
Hakata toushirou
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