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#276295 - ''Have a nice weekend'' called Sam's mum. By the way if there are any grammer error's or spelling mistakes im sorry but I am using notepad it's all I have at the moment so please over look it. The reason Sam was blushing was because the last time he went to his cousins house he had been watching a dvd in Lindas room when she had come home she walked into her room unaware he was there when she took off her vest top and was abot to remove her pink bra when Sam let out a very quiet ''hey''Linda span round with a face like fire, then she realised it was Sam and her face quickly turned into a smile, which Sam thought was odd seeing as she wasn't expecting him to be there, ''Hey Sam what do you think?'' Sam was confused so replied ''about what?'' ''My new pink bra of course'' and pushed her boobs in Sams direction, sam was taken a back all he could let out w

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Mimori tougou
Who else wants pizza rolls
Suzuka utako
Gotta make him pay for the peek he sneaked
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