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#7082 - She leaned over the edge and saw the fire for herself and she suddenly heard John laugh ‘Suni’ he said ‘start the grinder’ Akiba screamed in protest, tears dripped from her eyes and splattered onto her large breasts as the spinning teeth of the grinder fanned the flames which began to rise ever faster. The end. Suni smiled at Akiba before kneeling over her face ‘You’re going to eat me out Akiba’ Suni said, excited that she was now able to play the master ‘Will I fuck, the soonest chance I get I’m going to bite that little slit of yours off and rip your pussy lips apart as much as I can’ ‘I don’t think that you will’ Suni said ‘What makes you think that?’ ‘This’ Suni held up the long spiked vibrator ‘The spikes and blades on this are sharp enough to cut the soft flesh of your vagina, anus or mouth easily’ Suni smiled as she twirled it in front of Akiba’s face.

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