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#112961 - as soon as the kiss broke off my boxers was on the floor, and then my aunt led me to the kitchen while holding onto my hard on. My mother quickly got off me and grabbed her robe and put it on, as I reached for my boxers and did the same, my mother was the first to speak out “Emily please have a seat so we can explain” Now let me tell you a little about my aunt she was wearing a red dress and high heels, my mother was chubby but she isn’t, however she did inherit some of my mom’s features, she is 30 years old and about 5ft 6in,with a well-rounded butt and a slim waist and her tits as I later found out was a 40DD, she worked out regularly and dated on and off, but I have never seen her anything serious, she started modelling when she was 16 because local shops started to notice her for her big tits and big ass on the small frame and approached her with quite a lot of offers. My mom and my aunt are really close, and at the back of my head I was a little worried if their relationship w

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