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#367178 - She had her eyes closed and her teeth clenched tight as she squeezed her cunt walls together to better feel this pumping cock and she felt them shudder and twitch through another orgasm as she let out a long throaty moan of pleasure. All the way to the hotel Bob had his arms draped around them both and he cupped a tit in each hand, squeezing and fondling them both and mentally judging Ruth’s tits against Lilly’s whilst anticipating the sight of both sets naked when they reached the room. Ruth looked down to see this firm breasted ‘woman’ with a proud solid cock throbbing and pointing towards her as Lilly give it a couple of strokes and then slapped it against Ruth’s open hole and her clit bud, sending more shudders through her.

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Mouri motonari
Ok well i just came in my fuckin pants anyone else
Nina williams
Oh my god the dog xd that was epic