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#49262 - Before they had even driven half a block, Dan, the driver of the car, had slipped his hand up under Linda's skirt and wormed his finger into her already dripping slit. His penis felt alive in her hand, and she had an overwhelming desire to put it in her mouth, the only problem was the she couldn't get it out! Dan sensing her frustration, chuckled and reached down to help her with her problem!!! When it finally came out, Linda let out a groan at the mere sight of Dan's organ! Without another word, Linda dropped her head into his lap and let the head slip into her mouth. When ever he had the chance, he would rest his hand on Linda's arm as they spoke to each other, she shivered as it was something she hadn't experienced in a long long time! It seemed that when he talked to her she was the only one in the world on his mind, and coupled with the beer and wine, Linda was feeling things that a married woman shouldn't have felt! At about ten o'clock, Conni

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