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#395317 - When we were about 10mts from the group I stopped as Jan continued to walk on whilst I photographed her from behind, I called out to her to turn around as she neared the others and took some more shots before asking her to walk towards me for some more pictures. Shane agreed and after handing him our camera he started to take a few photo’s of Jan laying on her towel in her Bikini, at one time he stood spread eagle over Jan to look directly into her face, then stepping back slightly he lowered himself to a kneeling position just above her crotch focusing on her boobs & face, a slight gasp emanating from Jan’s mouth. When I opened the boot & bag to retrieve our bathers Jan noticed the camera asking what that was for, I said we might see something interesting like her in her new bikini.

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Mount lady
I hope you seek help there are therapy techniques and meditation that have improved my life listening to chillhop music when i get anxious helps as well keep your head up 3
Love your hentai