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#107996 - “A bitch does not yell at her master, understood. “Ah your awake “I said walking around the bar pulling her head up by the hair “I’ll do whatever you want just let me go I don’t want this anymore” “Becky Becky Becky when did you start thinking that this had anything to do with what you want” I said laughing as I let her head fall “Let’s see how well you obey, I said undoing the button on my jeans placing my cock near her lips, “now suck, and know if I feel teeth there will be a severe punishment following” She opened her mouth and took me in she bobbed her head up and down as best she could I rested my hands on the back of her head. My itch was catching her breath, “are you going to behave now Becky if you are I can untie you” I asked her She raised her head and looked at me “yes, master I will behave” Ha I had done it she is broken, she is mine I thought, wait what if she is trying to trick me “I don’t think I believe you my bitch” She was quiet for a minute “master coul

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