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#36459 - Mary instructed as Garry watched as Ben removed his apron and the lay on the matt then quietly he told Garry I'm ready Next thing Ben felt was Garry's mouth venture onto his soft lips kissing and tonguing him as Garry's hands were caressing the young boys stomach, thighs and hard erect shaft. Go ahead finish me off he told her,at that Mary's mouth returned to his cock firmly gripping it in her mouth at that his penis exploded with a load of fresh warm creamy cum into Mary's mouth as he screamed with sexual delight as Mary continued eating his throbbing hard cock God your cum is so sweet tasting and very creamy Garryshe told him Really, you like the flavor Garry asked as Mary kept devouring every part of the boys young semen from his cocks head God yes its nectar from heaven and yes Garry Im sure you make a really great tasting meal for my class was her reply When will that happen Garry asked Well tomorrow I will introduce you to my students and I positive they will want y

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People want real tribbing not a booty shaking contest