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#283344 - Dropping our bags Emily said she was having a shower, I told her I was going down to the bar so she could have some privacy and I needed to wind down myself, it was about an hour later I went back to the room, I knocked on the door calling out to see if Emily was dressed, I didn’t have a reply so I went in, Emily was stretched out on the bed wrapped in a towel fast asleep, I had a quick wash and changed my clothes, being too early to turn in I went back down to the bar, it was about an hour and half later when I returned to the room, Emily was still spark out, I thought she wouldn’t be too pleased me seeing her naked so I pulled the sheet over her as she was, I then changed into my sleeping attire and got in bed next to her, it wasn’t long before I was asleep, I don’t know when it was Emily woke up but in the morning I woke to find her cuddled up to me, minus the towel, this I realised as I came round and fully awake, Feeling her tits pressing against my arm I tried pushing her away bu

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Umi kousaka
Song in the beginning of the hentai lol
Akira sunazuka
Thank you cant wait to do more