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#244857 - When she said that I told her 'For as long as we are together you will never be shaving any hair off from anywhere on your body' then I took her straight to bed before she had time to empty her bowels and soon she was filthy because I was shagging her arse when she was really needing to have a piss and a shit and the sex was all the more powerful. I asked her 'Could you spend the week-end with me at my house as my mum is at her sisters so we have the house to ourselves?' and she jumped of the bed and kissed me and said 'Yes, I will just tell my mum I am staying with my friend for the week-end' and then she asked me 'What should I pack for the stay?' and I told her 'Come as you are ( she was wearing a very short, very thin and extremely light summery micro mini dress) except for your underwear because you won't be wearing any from now on whether you are with me or not, and later on before you leave my flat to catch your bus, put your

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