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#91042 - The night came we went inside we ate something, a still hot humid I took a shower and she took the shower too, I was wearing short boxer, and I sat on my bed, her bed a was right next to mine, she came out of the bathroom, just wrapped with small towel, we had small closet in our room, she say can’t find my panties and bra, she sided the closet door and start snaky in the clothes in drawer, I could see her but chicks and her cunt a my god what a view!!!! She drop her towel and put on her tinny black thong and t-shirt was cut off right below her tits, a was all worn out, for the first time a saw her totally naked, she sat on her bed and threw a pillow to me a we start wrestling, I was behind her butt pushing against to may dick, I couldn’t resist any more an grabbed her tits and pushed hard in her butt, my dick a was dripping pre cum, she moan an she say this is what a was looking for a like you brother and I turn her over a was on top of her now pulled her shirt up an I started to lick

Read Sucking Dicks Tsunade no In Suiyoku - Naruto Novinhas Tsunade no In Suiyoku

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