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#80227 - I saw Pauline riding 2 cocks, both in her butt, as her mouth took another, I told Lee we were going to dp her butt again while Alf was in her pussy, then do Carol the same way, he nodded a yes as his orgasm took over. Her eye's wide seeing me take it all, and I'm sure she was surprised at the speed he fucks at too, possible twice as fast as a guy can fuck, then I told her to lay as close under me as she could to get a better view, which she did. Jerry Knotted with me, and continued to fuck my arse for some time, then all to soon he began to growl his cock now squirting its creamy load deep inside my butt, as always he was locked in tight, and I could feel his cum squirting deeper and deeper into my bowels, one of the guys was now fucking Carol while she watched me take Jerry, Lee had moved over too, close to Carol, he also had a cock up his arse, as both kissed.

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