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#201988 - there's nothing there calm down what do you mean there's nothing there i said trying to sound as clueless as possible no jaky this isn't funny what's happening look my hand it i just looked at her and new i couldn't hide this way not that i could exactly explain it i was on the floor in a towel soaking wet witch made it even harder to think look Amy i cant explain it but would you believe me if i told you not to panic and just relax because what just happened i cant explain it ok i replied sounding even more terrified then when i told Kyle but Jake did but before she could finish i had to interrupted her there was no way i could explain this hey no buts ok just trust me and calm down please and your tired as it is so go to bed we will talk in the morning i said trying to calm myself down as well as her um ok jaky she replied before she gave me a quick cuddle and ran up stairs to her room i just sat back head lent back shocked at what

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