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#347545 - “I’m cumming already! The other two women were also jamming their thick rubber peckers deep inside of their sopping wet pussies and were literally unable to speak! It was Jayne, however, who was the first to notice it when she finally gasped, “My god, look at her, she, I mean he, I mean she has a cock!!!” “I-I don’t believe it!” Audra moaned. “What a talented mouth she has!!!” Missy dropped down to the floor and slid her head under Susi’s crotch and began nursing on the now rapidly stiffening little pecker! Jayne’s huge chest heaved up and down like twin mountains as her climax quickly built to the point of bursting while Anna was still lay crumpled in a heap slack jawed while watching her friends having their way with the little transsexual! It was truly amazing that such little “girl” could cause so much excitement! Jayne finally let loose with a low guttural moan from deep in her belly as her climax washed over her trembling body! Then for the first time, Susi gasped and moaned

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