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#276193 - Day by day it was getting harder and harder to control my feelings for him and we were together on a hill near our houses watching the sunset when he told me something that made my stomach do a cartwheel. I was 16 bout a metre and a half tall and had a rugby player’s build, or so I was told I wasn’t ever really comfortable in my own skin though people always told me I looked great. After I realized this I realized something else along with it, I found out that we lived on the same street, meaning my day just got better and better, but I knew two things, firstly he was by all appearances; straight and secondly even if he was gay why would he want me? I mean sure I was muscly and had amazing brown skin (girls words not mine) but I really didn’t think he would ever go for me, and with that inspiring thought I decided to set my feelings aside; I thought it would be too complicated being in every class with him and living near him I thought I would settle for a very good friend, after

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