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#79449 - i kissed harvey then a voice came from the dining room saying desert is served we all took are places and was handed a peice of chocolate cake i didnt want to be rude but i dont eat chocolate much but i used a spoon and picked some up i started eatting it and claire said o dont give the posh boy any he doesnt want to loose his figure i placed my spoon down with a bang i stood up and said i was sorry to harveys mom but may i be excused. i did as i was told but claire and here side of the family had blanked me for the rest of the night at the end of the night i had had two glasses of wine so i asked harvey to drive me home. as i walked into harveys rooom he sat on his bed with his head facing the floor.

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Yuuki minami
He said he bites his lip really really hard sometimes hahah
Akuto ikurumi
Did this bitch really start choking herself lmfaoooo
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