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#195355 - For the rest of the weekend though I never actually caught him but I knew Leo was looking at my dick every chance he got, I didn’t say anything about it I just knew he wanted to try and hypnotize me again but I figured once was enough and denied him the chance to get me alone again. I wasn’t normally into this kind of thing but I couldn’t help but get hard as I was made to touch myself, again I opened my eyes just a little to see the look on Leo’s face and he looked thrilled with his eyes focused on my crotch as he made me rub on my dick. I knew that Leo was testing me, seeing how far I would go before hesitating and then he would know if I was faking or not, “start hopping” he added, I wanted to laugh so bad as I hopped up and down on one leg with my hand on my stomach like an idiot.

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Like if you want to do this to me
Tenka osaki
Fucking amazing girl