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#237248 - Her luscious brown hair was tied back with a hair bobble and she was wearing a thick tightly tied blind fold, he arms wrists were handcuffed above her head to the bed head frame. She started to suck and started to wank his throbbing shaft within moments, he had cum deep into her mouth, and sighed with appreciation. He lent forward and bit her left nipple, not too hard but enough that she flinched, he then started to pull his head up and lifted her breast with her nipple and as he let go with his mouth he watched how it fell and laid on her chest, her pink nipples were fully erect as she pinched both with his fingers and lifted them high and as her breasts started to stretch with this, he vigorously shook them to the point when Debbie let out a high pitch scream of oooowwww.

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