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#233357 - When i woke some hours later Debbie was still asleep with my knob -end held trapped inside her arse by her anal spincter muscles, As my eyes took in the hot sexy scene my cock started to swell till it was fully hard , Dare i butt fuck her while she sleeps?, even as i though this my hips were already making small thrusting moves , This caused Debbie to wake with a loud groan, In her waking confusion first she tried to get up pushing me in deep up her butt , she let out another loud groan as my length penetrated her fully , then quickly realising what she done lurched back down making my cock spring free with a squelch, Aaaargh sorry Daddy my bottom is sore please can we leave it out of my bum, Although my cock was in desperate need of release i did not want to hurt or scare her into anything she didn't want to do, so resigning myself to going without went to get dressed, Daddy no need to leave i can still take care of your cock we can use any where besides my bum, A

Read Sissy Niten Chichiryuu Hiden no Sho - Fate grand order Bailando Niten Chichiryuu Hiden no Sho

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