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#135277 - The combination of having her cunt being stretched by the massive black pecker and the application of petroleum jelly to her straining cock had sent Cassie rocketing into a sexual frenzy! She blithered on for Brian to fuck her hard, begging him to use his cock like a weapon against her innocent little pussy!!! Again Tommi was stunned at how submissive Cassie had become, out and out begging for Brian to ram her hard with his meat, until at last, Brian got down to business, as he slowly began stroking in and out of Cassie's pussy, while Tommi sat quietly while her girlfriend got the fucking of her life! It finally dawned on Tommi why Brian wanted Cassie's pecker slicked up, because as he got into his rhythm, Brian lowered his belly until Cassie's cock was pinned between them, while his in and out motion causing his abdomen to rub over Cassie's cock head!!! Now it was so clear, not only was Cassie's pussy being serviced by Brian's big cock, her own pecker was

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