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#289862 - After some food he chatted away as normal and said we could maybe try rebel at home, but only if mum agreed, and that the first sign of rebel even trying to bite anyone, then he was gone, I agreed to this making all sorts of promises to walk, train, and bathe him, dad laughed and said ye ye we will see how long that will last. By this time I was getting a bit hard also and put my other hand down inside my jammies and felt my own cock, mmm this is nice I thought, rebel was lying there still panting, his cock was now wet with pre cum and I had my own starting to form, ok I thought lets see what we can do here rebel, I pulled back the covers, exposing us both, I could make out his cock in the light that was no coming through my curtains, and his cock was big, much bigger than mine. When we went down for breakfast mum and dad asked how things went, ohm arm fine thanks, rebel was a good boy he slept right through I looked at rebel and gave a little smile.

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