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#223446 - Merrill said evenly, leaving no room for further discussion!!! Both women walked over to the sofa, and after looking each other in the eye, slowly began undressing!!! As they shed their things, Mr. Merrill chuckled at Vera's forwardness, but answered directly, The job pays five thousand a piece for a total of ten grand, and you will be expected to perform sexually with each other as well as other actors and or actresses!!! Vera's head was spinning when she heard the words ten grand, and before Alana could say a word Vera reached for a pen and asked, Where do we sign!?! Although Alana had been against it from the start, she had to admit that ten thousand was a lot of money, and so with a little trepidation, she signed her name just below her mother's and handed the contract back to Mr. Merrill's office, and both women could feel their nipples tightening slightly, but in reality it probably wasn't the cool air, but the beautifully muscled body of Duke

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