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#242582 - Victor slowly undressed in front of me I got more and more eager to see his cock until It flung right in front of me I was expecting a large thick cock like the one I sucked but seeing it now it was even smaller than Harry’s cock and it was quite hairy, I watched in disgust as Victor dived his head between my legs in my preteen pussy. I eventually caught up with Victor I was very angry with Ron and filled with sexual frustration I grabbed Victor and tried leading him to a discreet place in the castle to fuck his brains out he stood back and stopped me “Hermoine I cannot sleep with you you are not a virgin” Victor announced “Ok Im not but I can still fuck like a virgin I have a spell that can tighten my pussy for you” I pleaded Victor let go of my hand and told me how he enjoyed the time he spent with me and went to proceed another girl. Harry and Ron left me on my own “they get scary when they get older” I heard Ron explain to Harry “ron you spoilt everything!” I yelled at Ro

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