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#121979 - So at last the Deed was done and my wife was laying there in total limp out of this world out of it. My next action per say was knowing neither she nor I knew one damned thing of what to do about this! And the next part of that was somehow we both had decided to call Snake Lady and find out what to hell to do! And in that point of all this; Is where my continuing story of this starts! With Snake Lady now on the phone; I asked her what is going on inside her? Well her first response was a lively half envious laugh and now said So your Little Woman's belly is still full! And with that said she went on There's not but one way to get it out! I was like get it out? What to fuck are you talking about? Of course she just gave that damn envious snicker again and said She's still got Busters load in her! Well that certainly had me all freaked the fuck out now. Snake Lady looked at me and said there's not but one way to help her and that�

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