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#101605 - i walked down stairs and found Kelly sitting on the couch, so is she ok? yeah she was just cranky, she gets like that when she dosnt get sleep, i sat down next to her and pulled her close, your sweet you know that? yeah i leaned down and kissed her, she sat on top of me and took of the towell, my cock was pullin at my boxers, mmm lets get you ready she placed a hand on my cock and started rubbing, mmm yes baby i leaned forward and started sucking her nipples making her moan, she found the opening in my boxers and pulled my cock out, i lifted her up and drove my cock into her pussy, oh fuck yes Matt, pound my pussy raw i lifted her up and drove my cock back in her making her whole body shake, she pulled me close as she let out an intensive orgasm, after it subsided she fell against me oh fuck Matt im light headed i picked her up off my cock stood up and took her in my arms, cmon lets go to bed i walked up the stairs and laid her down on my bed, she looked at me and lau

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