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#27328 - She knocked on the door and entered Viktoria, I am here for my lesson she walked in and sat at a small desk where Viktoria had laid a couple of books for her to study, she started reading the first book and was a few pages in when Viktoria came in dressed in a simple training robes that exposed the side of her breasts and the curve of her hips and waist, the robes shimmered in the light coming through the window, she beckoned for Mimi to follow as she headed out of the office, as they walked Viktoria began telling Mimi the history of the stables and why they had been established, these stables were founded by my Great Grandmother, Meesa Venic, to help bring the race of dragons back from extinction, the first dragons were obviously Nadir and BlutFang, but she found more eggs in the DragonKeep mountains and brought them here and proceeded to hatch them, giving her a mix of male and female dragons with which she could begin breeding Mimi nodded in understanding and followed as Viktori

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